MAX-PLANCK-GESELLSCHAF:Max Planck Legal History Quarterly Forum - History of Private Law in East Asia


AsiaDate: Sep 3, 2018
15:00 - 17:00
Stefan Vogenauer, Emily Whewell
Z 01

The next Max Planck Legal History Quarterly Forum will be held on 3 September. It will deal with the ‘History of Private Law in East Asia’.

Marya Camacho (Department of History, University of Asia and Pacific, Manila) will speak on ‘Tempering Custom: Bridewealth, Bride Service, and Law in the Seventeenth- and Eighteenth-Century Philippines’.

Jian QU (CATI, Institut für Sinologie, Universität Heidelberg) will present his research on ‘What is a Contract? Definition and Designation in the Context of Late Imperial China’.

Xiaojun Shen (Law School of Shanghai University of International Business and Economics) will discuss ‘The Methods of Legal Reception of German Civil Law in China’.

Stefan Vogenauer (MPIeR) will present his work on the Studies in the Contract Laws of Asia (Oxford University Press).